Mickey lernt Arabic: Episode 23 – يوم القدس – Jerusalem Day

The day after visiting Petra, John and I were by two English students of mine to their university for the celebration of يوم القدس / yaum al Quds (“Jerusalem Day”). Reem, who you met in Episode 20, and Nour, my guest in today’s episode, were both studying at UNRWA in Amman, where much of the student body is comprised of Palestinian people like them. Nour was present at Ali Baba the first day I offered an English Conversation Club, and she came back every week the whole time I was in Jordan, bringing Reem along starting the second week. It was wonderful getting to know them both, and even though Nour calls me أستاذ / istadh (“Professor”) in this video, I feel that by the time my 16 weeks in Jordan were up, we had become good friends.

Jersualem Day was a wonderful experience, with performances, artwork, and good food. Reem performed an amazing poem that she had written about her experience as a refugee in Jordan, and I got to meet several of the talented artists with their work on display.

Commentary coming soon!

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