Annalaura in Belgium – Episode 12: Oh, des gaufres! – “Oh, the waffles!”

Talking french seems quite comfortable in this video. Maybe it is because of the one and only subject: sweets! 🙂 Talking about food is so much fun!

We only talk about ice-cream and waffles! What a work 😉

It is true that I had a disgusting experience with ´des gaufres´ – the waffles in Brussels. What a pitty, because Brussels is famous for their gaufre!

Adil and my plan for the future: One day eat good! waffles.

I love to talk with Adil it is always a lot of pleasure for both of us and we feel more and more connected and familiar with each other!

This day was a day full of light and I can see it in our faces.

Thanks Adillllllllllllll!


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