Season Premiere! Gaby lernt Alemán!

Big news everyone! A new Lernen to Talk Show debuts… right now! Meet Gaby, your newest LTTS host, and watch along with her journey learning German. She’s from México, so subtitles for this series will always be available en Español and in English. And now, a message from Gaby:

So this exercise is something very new for me, I actually never experienced something like this. Although the conversation is only 4 to 5 minutes long, it is very challenging in a way because you are exposed to make mistakes on camera! However, even though it is in our nature to be ashamed of mistakes, with this exercise there is certain relieve that it is okey to make them and embrace them because at the end, you will be learning the language partly because you are brave enough to accept and overcome your mistakes. I encourage people to join and commit to Lernen to Talk Show since only positive things will come out of this!

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