Annalaura in Belgium | Ep 13: Un petit de boxing – A little boxing

Two women switching from being super feminine („nous sommes femme“ and „j´ador tus earrings“) to being super cool pretending to be professional in„men-sports“ boxing!

Somehow it shows our nature – Heidis´ and mine – we can be both super gentle and girly and in another moment very cool and joking around with vocabulary which is not very sweet 🙂

The topic of gold (my hair is golden and her earings too!) I like in our conversation because it gives the impression that we have kind of a clue what we wanna focus on ;).

Watching that episode I can feel that it was quite long time being in Germany without speaking and listening to any french word. In other words – I can see and feel my brain working and fighting for the correct words. Nevertheless it was fun at felt nice to make a video around my home place!


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